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Comment by Inho
2009-10-30 13:36:11

hello ryan! i love your latest comic, and I’m also following you on twitter! :)

Comment by ChristineA
2009-10-30 21:19:45

hahaha!! Poor Krusher.. he doesn’t look happy to be getting a “tweet”. Tenderness as Chewie is just too darn cute!! :D Thanks Ryan!

Comment by Reynard
2009-10-31 01:02:06

Cruelness doesn’t look too happy either… (and, yeah, Tenderness *is* adorable!)

Comment by Nikki
2009-11-22 18:15:05

Hah hah XD I love Crusher and Tenderness!
Wolverine and Chewbaca! How Epic! Keep up the good work Ryan :3 I hope to see more pun goodness!

Comment by Mr. Random
2009-12-22 18:35:46

at first i thought that Tenderness was domo the square fluffyh thingy… but no everytime anybody says tenderness, i think of furry steaks… idky

Comment by Mr. Random
2009-12-22 20:20:57

is there a Krusher holloween costume?

Comment by A guy
2010-01-13 14:30:49

This one has Krusher in it!

Comment by Mr. Random
2010-02-14 08:02:46

Tenderness is cute

Comment by Izzy
2010-05-31 13:37:22

Tenderness is adorable

Comment by Sailor Moon
2010-03-21 00:53:33


Comment by Mr. Random
2010-04-02 01:37:08

Sailormoon… i no ur but what is this comic?

Comment by ALLY
2012-01-14 19:35:26

cruelness as an angel? never in real life!!

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