March 25|My FIRST book


October 29|tweets
October 26|Eye candy
August 3|swept off feet
July 20|fan art
July 16|Making ends meet!
July 13|Makes herself clear!
July 8|Working on the fly.
July 6|In a grumpy mood!
July 1|Mixing it up!
June 29|Love handles
June 25|Serves dinner
June 22|vegging out on sofa
May 13|Dance club
May 10|Little Detail
April 29|Greenie – Reduce
April 22|Greenie – earth day illustration
April 13|Stamp foot
April 1|Banana appeal
March 25|Mailbox
March 18|Hairspray
March 16|Laptop
March 9|Wash bottom of tub
March 3|Snow tires
February 12|Bag boy
February 9|Motherboard
February 5|Monkey bars
February 2|Lollygaggin
January 29|Superbowl pun
January 26|Skateboarding
January 21|Kimbly makes up her mind.
January 19|Garage band
January 14|creative spirit!
January 11|Snowbank
January 7|Creative outlet


December 15|Claustraphobic
December 11|Snowmoblie
December 8|resisting arest
December 4|Bank was held up
December 1|Ballroom
November 24|Parade of Floats
November 20|step sisters
November 17|Ambushes
November 13|Tear Duct
November 10|News anchor
October 30|Best of Kimbly > No body
October 27|Best of Kimbly > Roll eyes
October 23|Best of Kimbly > BOOgers
October 20|Best of Kimbly > Werehouse
October 13|Best of Kimbly > Inn spector
September 26|Best of Kimbly > swing dance!
September 17|Guest comic by Ryan Estrada
September 11|Polka dot shirt comic
August 24|Spent the night – best of Kimbly
August 19|Milkshake – best of kimbly
June 25|A keyboard
June 15|workin’ hard
June 10|Dust jacket pun
June 5|MOCCA!
June 1|Punchline pun
May 27|steamed vegs – best of Kimbly
May 22|7 different things – Rock band
May 20|Coconut
May 18|Table top
May 15|Which 2 Tenderness are the same?
May 13|badminton pun
May 11|Ice cream bar pun
May 8|Clip art – 7 different things!
May 6|Guess the pun- mailbox
May 4|criminal record pun
May 1|Palm pilot – 7 Different things
April 30|Kimbly stamps her foot!
April 27|Guess the Pun – basketball court
April 24|Can you find the 7 different things?
April 23|Best of Kimbly > Moutaineer
April 21|Best of Kimbly > Guess the pun
April 15|Cookie dough pun
April 14|Chestnut pun
April 11|New books!
April 8|Seabed
April 7|Home run – Guess the pun
April 3|Self esteem
April 1|Laptop – Guess the pun april
March 30|Fishtank- guess the pun!!!
March 25|wrestling ring pun
March 24|technical support joke
March 18|a science lab
March 17|sweeping landscape
March 13|Octopus visual pun
March 11|Sword fish- Guess the pun
March 9|Make up exam
March 6|New kind of guess the pun?
March 5|Hair spray – Guess the Pun
March 3|Comic strip
February 29|Prince of wales
February 27|Chili pepper – Guess the pun!
February 25|Donkey Kong joke!
February 22|Horse drawn carriage joke
February 20|caesar salad – Guess the Pun
February 18|A Wisecrack
February 15|Love in bloom – guest comic by Meghan Murphy
February 13|“Heart beat” gues comic by Emmy C
February 11|Love letters
February 8|Carpet pun!
February 6|Rock band – Guess the pun!!
February 4|Walk cycle – animation visual pun!
February 1|Super Bowl – Guess the pun!
January 30|Football pun joke
January 28|Toilet bowl pun
January 25|Chain reaction pun comic
January 23|Palm Tree – Guess the pun comic!!
January 21|The Banana lacked appeal
January 18|plumbling pun
January 16|Skateboarding – Guess the pun
January 14|Fisherman’s wharf – star trek pun
January 11|Pawn shop pun
January 9|Guess the pun Jan!!!
January 7|Caterpillar
January 4|penguin pun!
January 2|A little deatil pun


December 31|2008 sneak preview!
December 21|Out of town!
December 19|Mistel toe -pum rerun!
December 17|Elfabet – elf pun
December 14|Pine cone pun?
December 11|Guess the pun holiday verson!
December 10|Snowflakes winter pun comic
December 7|December rrr winter joke
December 5|Holiday guess the pun!
December 3|Fruitcake Holiday pun
November 30|dealine
November 28|Guess the Pun – Milk shake!
November 26|Computer model pun
November 19|pancake pun
November 16|Tear Duct
November 14|Drill Sargent – Guess the pun
November 12|Thai food
November 9|Dolphin pun
November 7|News anchor
November 5|Board meeting
November 2|Can you find the 8 different things?
October 30|Leaf monster – Halloween puppet
October 29|Boogers – Halloween pun!
October 26|Werehouse – Halloween pun
October 24|Halloween Pun – Guess the pun!
October 22|inn spector
October 18|Ink jet printer
October 16|Guess the pun
October 15|Cardboard
October 12|Train of thought
October 9|Guess the pun – Honey comb
October 8|Pick pocket
October 4|Gripping book
October 3|Fruit Flies
September 30|Polka dot
September 27|Subwoofer
September 25|Guess the pun
September 23|Bag boy
September 20|Mountaineers
September 18|Guess the pun
September 16|Emotional baggage.
September 13|Wild flowers
September 12|baby monitors
September 10|Lumberjack
September 6|Photograph
September 4|Wristband
September 2|Swing dancing
August 30|Cheese doodle
August 29|Guess the pun!!
August 26|Ferry boat!
August 23|Marshall arts
August 21|Can you guess the pun?
August 20|A formal ballroom.
August 17|Krusher rifles throught kimbly’s book.
August 15|Wing of house
August 13|Chilly water
August 9|flight of stairs
August 8|Guess the Pun inspired by Harry Potter!
August 5|Dragon scales
August 3|Guest comic by Chris Hallbeck
July 31|Seesaw By Michael Fleming
July 30|Guest Comic By Paul Taylor
July 26|Best of Kimbly > Clip art
July 24|Best of Kimbly > Tank top
July 22|Best of Kimbly > Grate guy
July 20|Dress up!
July 17|Microwave
July 16|step sisters
July 13|Doggie paddle
July 10|A crime wave
July 9|Tap water
July 6|guess the Pun
July 3|Firecrackers
July 2|iphone
June 29|The criminals held up the bank
June 27|Guess the pun!
June 25|a chain restaurant
June 21|Cupcake maze
June 21|Cupcake maze
June 19|blanlets
June 17|Traffic Jam
June 13|Guess the Pun
June 10|Sunglasses
June 8|Guess the pun
June 6|The teacher was a real boar.
June 4|Headphones
May 31|Spring shower
May 29|Can you guess the Pun?
May 28|Wind whips
May 24|which comics are these images from?
May 23|Mammoth building
May 20|Moonbeam
May 17|Can you find the 10 different things?
May 15|Rainbow
May 13|Junlge gym
May 10|Guess the pun!
May 8|Screwdriver
May 6|Shoe horn
May 3|Swat team
May 1|Can you guess the pun?
April 29|Mouse pad
April 26|Lemon aid – guest comic by Yukiko
April 24|Computer chips – guest comic by Rstevens
April 22|Mobilze – guest comic by Mike Wieringo
April 19|Gangstar – best of Kimbly
April 17|Grate guy, but a little cheesy.
April 15|subMARINE sandwich
April 12|Palm pilot
April 10|The girls paint their nails.
April 8|Tank top
April 5|A royal flush
April 3|hair Curling
April 1|Soap Opera
March 29|The Burrito gave Kimbly gas.
March 28|A Punck ROCker!
March 27|Little Tenderness – Best of Kimbly
March 26|Food court – Best of Kimbly
March 25|Corny love song – Best of Kimbly
March 22|Robin Hood
March 20|The belt holds up the pants.
March 18|Hairy Potter
March 16|Tenderness had a big Roll in the movie.
March 13|Everyone’s phone has a special ring
March 11|The teacher had alot of puplis.
March 8|Kimbly charges the dress
March 6|scary salad
March 4|Rugged terrain
March 1|Tenderness’s boat hugs the shore.
February 28|Guitar Rock!
February 20|Barreling down the road is dangerous
February 18|Kimbly takes notes in class
February 15|Kimbly spends the night at the grocery store.
February 13|love comes in many different forms
February 11|it’s the thought that counts.
February 8|love pop
February 6|fluffy friends are fantastic in freezing weather.
February 4|_____
February 2|Tree bark
February 1|everyone needs a little Tenderness sometimes.
January 30|Airplane hanger
January 28|Clip art
January 26|putting on the snow tires
January 23|Kimbly doesnt like the monkey bars
January 21|the car was stationary but the engine was running.
January 18|A pane in the neck.
January 17|Packing peanuts
January 14|Lunchbox
January 12|Kimbly’s tooth gets a crown.
January 10|Kimbly hates washing the bottom of the bathtub!
January 8|Tenderness draws his sword.
January 4|the play had a large cast.
January 2|it was a hard drive
January 1|kimbly saw the ball drop on New years eve.


December 22|they got spruced up for the holiday.
December 19|Tenderness under the mistletoe
December 17|Krusher is CLAUSophobic
December 15|Tenderness uses the wrong dolly.
December 12|They watch the sun set.
December 10|A new coat of paint.
December 8|Mermaids
December 6|Comedy club
December 4|Search engine
December 1|Fire Drill
November 28|A bad nightMARE.
November 22|Turky drumstick
November 19|Parade of floats
November 16|A new motherboard.
November 14|A HankerCHEIF
November 13|Supervisor
November 11|Cliffhanger movies
November 10|Resisting aREST
November 8|Burritos give Kimbly gas.
November 6|A Punck ROCker!
November 3|a MIStake
November 1|A Navel officer
October 30|Kimbly hands out tweets
October 27|poultry geist
October 25|Zombies have a light snack.
October 23|Penvil-vania
October 20|The skeleton had NO BODY to dance with.
October 18|She rolled her eyes at her mummy.
October 16|Boggie monster
October 13|Cruelness takes a bath.
October 11|Ambushes
October 9|lifitn dumbbells at the gym
October 5|It was a full moon.
October 3|Tuck in the shirt.
October 1|steamed vegetables
September 28|Kimbly draws a bath for Tenderness.
September 27|A Tyrannosaurs wrex
September 25|Food court
September 22|Gangstar
September 20|Penpals
September 17|ice cream sprinkles
September 14|sappy trees
September 10|Kimbly changes her mind
September 7|undercover operation
September 5|shooting star
September 3|sterotyping
August 31|level headed
August 30|holding hands
August 27|flower beds
August 24|corny love song
August 22|current events
August 21|cloud bank
August 18|Rule of thumb
August 15|lollygaggin
August 14|Meteor shower
August 10|there was a little Tenderness between them.
August 8|growing anxiety
August 8|Kimbly pays attention
August 4|5 different things
August 2|record beaking heat.
August 1|Muggy weather.
July 23|Kimbly beefs up security
July 19|Racey conversation
July 17|Creative outlet
July 12|drawn into the conversation
July 9|binx rides a wave.
July 5|tie game
July 3|roll model
June 29|pursue your dreams
June 28|kimbly drives home the point.
June 27|enjoy ignoring advice
June 25|appy yourself
June 25|salad dressing
June 23|Lampshade
June 20|Kimbly booth
June 18|kimbly gets lapped
June 15|Thorny issue
June 13|Kimbly gets on Tendnerness;s case
June 11|Kimbly makes up her mind.
June 9|many different ways
June 6|generating ideas
June 4|It’s toasty outside
May 30|Sweeping love stories
May 21|Tenderness doesn’t like being teased.
May 19|Everyone is poscasting
May 14|creative spirit
May 11|Candy bar
May 9|butter up
May 7|grassroot rebeillion
May 4|Kimbly doesn’t like being labled.
May 2|Frozen with fear.
April 30|the coffee wired Kimbly
April 27|Kimbly foils an evil plan
April 23|shadow of doubt
April 18|Spring clothing
April 16|Working on the fly.
April 13|Empower
April 11|Kimbly is puzzeled by Tenderness
April 9|rap group
April 6|destroying my hearing
April 4|spaced out
April 2|the problem excalated
March 30|Celebrate yourself
March 28|nothing is going right.
March 26|bottle up your anger
March 26|Spring training
March 21|showing off their muscles
March 19|Kimbly serves dinner
March 16|the book was riviting
March 14|Health nuts
March 12|Kimbly woke up a little crabby.
March 7|Go with the flow
March 5|Vegging out on the sofa.
February 28|Fergison gives Kimbly a little personal space.
February 26|Vicious cycle
February 23|Love saves the day.
February 21|Big wigs
February 19|whatever you are be a good one.
February 16|Love & Tenderness go hand and hand.
February 14|Heart warming
February 12|love drives you crazy
February 7|Love is hard to find.
February 5|Love handles
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